Sunday, June 27, 2010

pushing the envelope

So here I was in my new office navigating the computer and trying to mail merge eighty names to grief letters and labels. After some stumbles and printer problems the letters were printed and the labels were ready to be put on the envelops. I have two wonderful volunteers, Melba and Corlene, who stuff the envelops and apply postage ready for mailing. At the end of the day I decided to record the people who were to receive the mail only to find that I had made a mistake and was about to sent letters to dear folks that had already received the same letter and brochure that I was about to send them a second time. The envelopes were already metered for mailing and as the new bereavement coordinator I was unwilling to confess my error. It was not a medication error, no one was going to die so I decided to try and remedy the error on my own time. That evening the box of envelops went home with me. My husband and I had decided on fish and fries for dinner the night before so as soon as I got home the soup saucepan went on the stove and the fish went into the oven. The fries would go into an electric frying pan on the counter. When the water came to a boil on the stove the envelops, two at a time, were placed on the top to steam open. My husband said "do you think you could do one thing at a time?" but I said in the same tone as a woman in labor "no, there are too many to open, keep your eyes on the fries". When all the envelopes were open I peeled all the labels off while watching America's got Talent, I think I could qualify for that show with my envelop talent. I re-stuffed the envelopes and re-applied the labels. Then believe me or not I ironed every envelope shut clean and crisp. Ask me if I will make that mistake again? There is a lot more to this bereavement job than I ever imagined. I hope your day is enveloped in love and peace.

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