Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Joyful Sisterhood

Health Support Group.

We all have reasons why we want to lose weight, we have a wedding to go to, a school reunion or we are going on vacation. On New Year’s Eve we promise ourselves that we will do better this year. I have had a lot of years like that, a lot of days sick of thinking about weight loss. As I have got older my goal for weight loss has changed from becoming a beauty queen on the beach to “I just want to be healthy”. However, no matter what my goal is the weight has continued to climb. Thinking about it does not work, we really have to do something and that is where many of us get held up.
What will really motivate us to lose weight? I think what we really want is peace and joy. I would like to stop thinking about the weight I have to lose which would give me peace of mind. As I lose weight I will gain joy. God’s Word says “the kingdom of God is not meat nor drink it but righteous, peace and joy”. If we do what is right we will have peace and joy. The hard part comes when we have to do right. Right? So how do we do what is right? Christ was able to suffer the cross because he knew the reward that was beyond the cross. Jesus suffered the pain to receive the reward.
Now we move beyond the pain, hallelujah, I have come up with an idea that may help us lose weight and continue to be faithful to our health program. This is how it will work. You find some family or friends who wish to be part of a Sisterhood to help one another to lose weight. You get together and for 2 weeks they have to give up sugar and sugar products. They meet Monday through Friday for 30 minutes for the first 2 weeks while they detox from sugar. A bracelet is purchased that you can add beads and charms to as you lose weight. The bracelet will be a reminder as you reach for a donut or burger that you are part of a sisterhood that is supporting you to lose weight. You also get the opportunity to decide if you want the donut or the bead.
After two weeks the sisters meet once a week for support for 30 minutes and share their weight loss. When 5# is lost a bead can be purchased from a hobby store or a jewelry store depending on your budget. When the weight is lost you can add a bead after 3 months. The same benefit can be gained at 6 months and at 12 months etc. However, if you gain greater than 2# at any time you have to remove a charm or bead.
The method of weight loss is up to the individual and the advise of their physician. The journey is towards peace and joy so join hands with The Joyful Sisterhood and let us do what is Right.

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